Monday, April 28, 2008

My Great Big Weekend

First of all I left town for the weekend -- headed to Nags Head -- without my cell phone or computer. I couldn't believe it. Yes, it worried me, but what could I do? It makes a girl worry to be out of communication. But, I survived. OK............we were clearing out the beach house for the last time.................oh pain. Knife to the heart. Oh yes, it felt awful too. Every last thing that belonged to us has been removed. Our beach house of five years gave us the

BEST OF TIMES (My favorites)

1. Thanksgiving with all of the Rich Crowleys, Ken Crowleys and Ches Perri. We had our Crowley Amazing Race. A blast. Jeremy's team won, but it was close. They won -- what else -- Outer Banks Fudge.

2. Pirate Party during our week long family reunion in the summer. We all dressed up like pirates with eye patches, etc. Gabe made a treasure map and we all hunted for the booty. (The pirate pinata)

3. Our first Christmas in Nags Head. Awesome.................a tree covered with beautiful shells and decorations. All the Rich Crowley family were there. What a peaceful place to spend the holidays. It was magical.

4. A FUN week with the Neider Gang in an October visit. All of my brothers and their wives and Mom. What fun. Mike bought puzzles -- we ate, walked on the beach, slept in, ate some more, teased , took a trip down memory lane and relaxed for a whole week. A great memory.

5. Christmas with the newly weds -- Rich and Andrea -- and Andrew and Melanie had a very quiet Christmas at the beach. Matt and Gabe were supposed to come, but Super was due to have Lottie and the drive was too long. Anyway, Melanie and Andrew were so delightful with showering each other with well thought out gifts. What fun.

6. Sisters-in-law Week. Andrea, Rosy, Margo, Renee, Anna Marie -- need I say more. This group knows how to have fun. We made a pact that we wouldn't cook all week. What happens in Nags Head -- Stays in Nags Head.

7. Margo and Mom - Margo came twice and once Camille even came for a few days. What fun we had. It's a shame Margo doesn't enjoy shopping. Mom kept us busy trying to find her as she collected 50 lbs of shells to take home to Ross' class.

Ok...........................there were many more happy, happy times and we are scheduled to have our family reunion there in July. Yes, we are selling the house, but that doesn't mean we will stop going. We have gone to Nags Head for 30 years -- every year except one -- 1976. We love it.

The very best thing about the beach house was being able to leave our cares and worries accross the bridge and just come to the ocean to refresh. We have loved it so much and it has been such a great family time.

Our last weekend included a breakfast at the Nags Head Pier, a very long walk on the beach, dinner at the Black Pelican. (I think it was my favorite dinner of all time.) Rich and I talked a lot about our commitment to our family and each other. We were sad as we left, but as we crossed the bridge, I said, "You know, I'm really sick of Nags Head. Let's get out of here."

Rich said, "You know, I hate it too. Let's go home."

We took all of our memories and headed to Virginia-- but we left a part of us there -- on the Outer Banks -- in our beach house. We will return, but it may never be the same. My hope is that it will be even better and more appreciated.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blogger Mania

I'm getting my blog going. It's an ongoing process....................... I saw the girls' blogs showing pictures with their babies, so I followed suit. Aren't my babies handsome.........................

How do I get cute paper on this thing? Someone help!