Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No Kids for Christmas

Wow -- for the first time we will have no kids waking up on Christmas morning.  They will be here Christmas Eve, then go home.  We will go to Matthew and Gabe's for brunch and to Andrew and Melanie's for  Christmas dinner.  Well, I'll try to not to get blue about this.

Check this link:  Gabe produced this You Tube video with the Christmas song Rich wrote and recorded.  Love it.


Anyway, we needed a new tree and decided we needed a really tall tree to fit the room.  Ha Ha.  You should have seen us trying to get it up.  You know -- one of those "WHAT WERE WE THINKING?" moments.  We were really cracking up...........................but now it's beautiful.  Gabe came over to finish the decorations at the top.  So on to Christmas..........have fun getting ready. 

A close up -- the gold ornament balls (on the right) finally have a tree big enough tree to show how beautiful they are.  Fun.  It is about five inches across.

So working back here are some fun pictures of our grandkids.
Our adorable Charlotte
 Look at this hair.  Beautiful
 Nathan will be walking soon.  He's 9 months.
Carsen lost another tooth and is now 7
 Tanner and Emme
 Emme, our sparkle princess asleep in her princess dress.
Wow a blond blue-eyed princess
 Tanner and Carsen getting ready for soccer.
These Crowley boys can play.............Carsen on the move
Tanner getting ready to kick the ball.

And my boy -- the coach

 Audrey, our darling little witch
Jocelyn, our baby witch

Love these fun kids.  They are such a joy in our life.