Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring is Finally Here

Life is just too crazy -- you know what I'm talking about. It's finally the weekend and I am off the clock waiting for Rich to chauffeur me to our beautiful home in the I will catch up on this blog thing.

Last night I was so excited to make freezer jam (strawberry)for the first time in years. The cooking group (Enrichment) was to come make the jam. Strawbs were on sale at Walmart and away we go. I made two batches.
I feel so good about myself. Had fun too. It is amazing how digging in and doing something with your hand can make you feel so accomplished. I've been patting myself on the back all day.

Two little darling granddaughters in the cutest dresses ever.

Rich treated us to a Honey-Baked Ham --
Melanie treated us to cheesy potatoes -- Gabe treated us to raspberry jello, marinated green beans & brownies with reeses peanut butter cups. What did I do? Oh yah, the fruit kabobs. Rich tried a kabob, but those big boys -- they are -- how do you say cowards in a nice way?

The highlight of the day was Gabe's presentation on the Savior from her part of the Relief Society lesson. Check it out on her blog. It is amazing. She is amazing.

It might be the last time at our old dining room table. We finally ordered one to fit our ever growing family. The old Ethan Allen set is about Matt's age and small. We put it up for sale last week and think we have a buyer. Lot's of fun memories were made at that table. And if you look really really close, you can see Matt's name from completing a homework assignment many years ago.

I was off for the week and welcomed the opportunity to stay home and get some much needed rest. Rich took the week off to make sure I rested. We had a very nice week doing little catch up jobs at the house. Found the new dining room set -- Planted some new flowering trees, azaelas, and bridal wreath bushes. Actually we just did the selecting. Took a drive in the mountains -- had lunch at the Thornton River Grill in Sperryville - I had shaved lamb on a homemade bagette roll. It was about the best thing I have ever tasted -- Walked the mile walk in the park during the day and just had a relaxing time. It was very good for us.

This was about the most amazing conference weekend ever. It's always a relaxing time, but this one took the blue ribbon, the Golden Globe and really out-did anything I have ever experienced. Andrew and Melanie came for the weekend and we just soaked up speaker after speaker. It was just the best.


One of the first speakers at the Sat morning session was my brother Mike. I knew all of my family was in the Conference Center to hear him and I was a little blue about having made the decision to not go. When Pres Monson anounced his name I started crying -- then two speakers later when he actually started speaking -- I was crying like a big baby. I think the tears were tears of joy and humility. It was such a humbling and exciting experience all wrapped into one. We are such a close family, I think all of us felt like we were up there with him. Well, sorry everyone else, but he was the best speaker of the Conference. I can't even tell you how PROUD - YES - PROUD! I know, the pride thing, but I'm pretty sure I was feeling so much pride. What an honour to be part of such an amazing event. He is just awesome. In fact I have such amazing brothers. We were keeled over with witnessing and being part of our brother speaking in general conference.