Monday, January 18, 2010

It Doesn't Get Any Better

Well........................the ten day trip to Fresno started out a little rocky. We flew in for Tanner's baptism, but by the evening of our arrival, Tanner, Emery and Carsen were are on the floor with their own throw up bowls. By morning Shelly was sick and Jeremy started throwing up at 6:00 a.m. What a day.............................Five Crowleys moaning and groaning on the floor. It was awful. The baptism was to be the next day, but had to be postponed.
By Sunday all was well and the baptism was wonderful. Phew! Tanner was beaming and beautiful. There was a crowd in the room just for Tanner. Tanner's Grandmas gave the prayers, his daddy baptized him and Grandpa Crowley and Uncle Brad gave the talks. Very nice......
By the next day both Grandma's were throwing up as well as Uncle Brad and Shelly's cousin. Crazy. Fortunately the bug was only a 24 hour thing. The good thing...............Becca, Shelly's sister was in town for the baptism and she fixed everyone's hair. So we did get sick, but our hair was really cute.
Amazingly Grandpa Crowley never got the bug. Inspite of the bug we had a great time with the Fresno Crowleys. They are a sweet family and those kids are beautiful. They are such a good example of good for all of us.
We flew home on Sunday and good boy Andrew picked us up at 11:30. ...........................then on to Culpeper. We fell into bed about 1:00 a.m. Isn't it nice -- we didn't have to get up and go to work. Life is Good.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Good Times

Matt and Gabe hosted a reunion of their friends from Matt's youth. They all went to school together and grew up in Fairfax Ward. James and Melissa Finck were in town for the holidays and drove down to Culpeper to visit all of us. Kari (Younce) and Ed recently moved to Arlington from NYC and drove out for the reunion.

Dr. James is teaching at U of Texas in the history department. We are really proud of his accomplishments. They have three beautiful children. Jake, Savannah and Jackson. Kari and gang think they really like Arlington and I think Ed is an economist or in finance? I could be wrong about that. They have two adorable daughters, Hazel and Ginger and another daughter on the way in April. Good times. It was great to have them in our home again.

Gabe stirring up the children pot

Friday, January 1, 2010

Fabulous Holiday

What a celebration we had in Culpeper. It all started with a huge snow storm the week before Christmas. It was beautiful We couldn't get out much -- well Rich had to get out-- so we drove to Walmart. It was fun...............Then we were snowed in for a couple of days. Church was cancelled and everything. It made for a pretty quiet weekend before the big celebration.

Andrew's car all snowed in............

The creek behind the house. You can't really tell how deep the snow is.

We were plowed out a little. Rich had to dig out the spotlight under about two feet of snow. The house was beautiful in the snow.

Then onto Christmas Eve..............well, the camera girl was busy cooking, but what fun we had. Andrew's family, Matt's family and Gabe's brother, Ches and new wife were here -- plus the little girls, Audrey and Charlotte. We decided to go Italian for Christmas Eve dinner. Gabe made the super duper lasagne and Melanie and I did the side dishes. Ceasar Salad, Ceaser Toast points -- you get the idea. All Italian. It was fun. Melanie and Andrew bought some gelato and Italian ice, but we were too full to eat it. Ha Ha

On to Christmas Day...............okay...........I did have fun setting the table. I did not put on the Christmas morning brunch table in the pictures lest you think I only care about the tables. See I am not that crass. We had our sugarlump bread and

We had a great time with Audrey on Christmas morning. She was so adorable with her gifts. She didn't open them all -- once she found new toys to play with, she couldn't move on........what a cutie pie. Andrew and Melanie are so sweet with her and each other. Each gift they give seems personal and just what the other had been thinking they needed. Very special.

We had our traditional ham dinner. Gabe made her Grandma's rolls for us again. We are very lucky. I did manage to get a few people shots at this dinner along with my table.

Francesco and Evelyn from NYC

Lottie in her Thomas the Train sweater and hat

Christmas was fun and exciting and I decided I wouldn't cook again for a year. Well, that edict went away today. We had another fun New Year's Day. Movies, football and I decided to try two new recipes. Vegetable beef and barley soup with English muffins. I felt like a real pioneer. We loved both............the English muffins are easy -- a recipe from my friend Jeneane.

So, we survived another holiday season -- wonderful gifts, popcorn balls to the neighbors and friends, singing carols, trips to the dr with trading colds, reluctantly singing in church, and being surprised that the program went pretty well, homemade gifts to all of the Relief Society ladies, being together as family and talking to our absent loved ones by phone. Each day isn't always perfect but we love our holidays and treasure each moment.