Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Smiling Shark by Bruce Yates

Bruce and Margo at the Smithsonian with the picture of the smiling shark. The picture will be on display for one year. Bruce captured this picture in the Bahamas.

see his stuff at http://www.underwaterreflections.com/

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cleaning Lady Woes

This is such a dilemna, I don't even know where to begin. I have a cleaning lady, a very nice, cute, about 30 something that cleans for me every other week. I have been very pleased until this month...............then I am such a marshmellow, I can't figure out how to tell about how I am displeased about some items. Then Rich and I stayed home last week on the day she was supposed to clean. (another deer problem with Rich's car -- it was complicated)

We decided to leave before she arrived. So we went to vote and then went to breakfast. Both close to our house. We went on a little road trip later to Charlottesville to give her some more time. When we got back she was still there which was odd. I went in the house and there she was -- with her three children. One was a baby -- nine months or something and the others looked to be 3 and 5. She also had a flat tire which Rich started working on immediately without even going in the house.

Anyway, we left again to let her finish and I wasn't too concerned, but not really feeling all that great about it either. Her babysitter had canceled. (I think it is her mom.)

Later we returned and she was finished and was gone. Then I kept finding very obvious items that had not been cleaned. And..............children evidence. Rich even found a book that had been scribbled in with a red marker that he just started so no other children could have been guilty.

I want to let her go, but I know she needs the money. I'm thinking of telling her that Gabe ask me if she can clean for us. I know that is a big lie -- but I am a coward when it comes to this little mother. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good News!

Good news #1
For those of you who have been worried about the bedspread for the guest room.....your worries are over. The Bedding gods have smiled down on me. Last weekend I found the perfect comforter for the guest room. Love you Ralph Lauren. It was only the 4th one I dragged home, but I knew it was a winner. It is amazing how good new bedding makes a girl feel. So satisfying and just in time for good news #2.

Good news #2
Margo is coming to visit for a couple of days. Her brother is a diver and has award winning photography from his dives. One of his shark photos has been selected to be shown in the Smithsonian. That's quite an honor. It is a smiling shark! The picture is amazing. Anyway, she is meeting him here and then spending a couple of days with me. I am so excited for her visit.

Good news #3

Jeremy, Shelly and fam will be here for Thanksgiving. WOW! We are super excited to have them for a week. I can't wait to hug those little Crowleys. We are going to Uncle Ken's lake house for the big day. Just thinking of family and Grandma Donna's stuffing recipe makes me swoon. I always make the stuffing the day before and put the big bowl on the screened porch. Well, as you know, we have no screen porch. I guess I will have to punt. I love all of the Thanksgiving feast, but the SAGE stuffing is my favorite. You know Jeremy and Shelly live in the raisin capital of America and the first Thanksgiving he shared with her family, Nancy's stuffing had raisins in it. Nancy kept trying to encourage Jeremy to try the stuffing and finally he said, "It's a well known fact that raisins cause cancer. I can't risk it" Ha Ha. I don't like raisins cooked either, except of course in Aunt Renee's raisin filled cookies.

Anyway, it's that gathering time of year. What fun! What fun!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


So, I've been tagged to put on the 4th pic from the 4th file. Fun idea.

This pic was fun to see. The story: Thanksgiving at the beach with the Eastern Crowleys and Gabe's brother Ches. Of course I am giving instructions to all for the Amazing Race at Nags Head. In the picture you will see...............Me giving directions, Ken Crowley in ball cap, Jordan Crowley, Shannon Crowley with her hand on Tanner's head, Gabe, Melanie (then Baker, now Crowley), Andrew Crowley in the background, the back of Lauren's head, a little boy head of Carsen, held by Shelly, and Matt I think. This was such a fun Thanksgiving. The year 2005. The Amazing Race was won by Jeremy's team. We didn't know it then, but Andrew and Melanie were engaged the next week.

The race was so much fun and I recommend it as an activity on Thanksgiving Day. We had four teams -- each had a Crowley boy and Crowley girl - then we matched up old and young. Each team had the same items to find. They had to take a picture of their team at each place and the first one back to the house won Nags Head Fudge. Wow. One little problem. I asked them to find the red horse with the airplane wings. Well, I am colorblind and the horse is purple. Yes, I heard about that big time.

Okay, I am supposed to tag four others, but I'm not sure anyone reads this. So I will try........

I tag Shelly, Andrew, Gina and Nature Grams.