Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June has been a Whirlwind!

What glorious month we have spent with kids and grandkids.  They can wear you out, but they are so worth it.  We have loved every minute of our time together.  Jeremy's family flew in from California on June 2nd and the fun started at the beach.

The getting ready was difficult for the kids.  They had to wait the half hour after getting the sun block to go out.


                                                          Cute cousins -- Charlotte and Emery

Emery and Audrey
                                                             jocelyn and her daddy

Is that the original wave buster?

Charlotte, Lauren 1, Lauren 2, Emmy, Tanner, Carsen

Nathan wants in on the action.

                                                       Lauren, Audrey and Charlotte


                                                         Jocelyn and Melanie
                                                               Tres Amigos
Shelly and Emery

Nathan and Jocelyn's favorite toy at the beach -- the rolling cooler.  The two one-year-olds kept us all busy trying to keep up with them.

I'm sure the wisdom of the ages is being passed along here.

The shrimp fest begins.  Much to my dismay not one of my cute daughters-in-law will eat shrimp and Rich won't touch it either for that matter.  Where did I go wrong?
                                           Gabe, Melanie and Shelly

 So.................Matthew, Andrew and Jeremy and now Tanner join in for a great shrimp feast.  Lauren use to love to come with us to Awful Arthur's but now she doesn't like shrimp.  Really Lauren?   Here we are at the pool with our shrimp for lunch.  Yummy!                           

Okay, Lauren did try one!

What a fun tradition......................eating fresh, spiced,  steamed shrimp at the beach.  It doesn't get any better.  I have tons more pictures so stay tuned.