Monday, September 22, 2008

Idaho Weekend

Mark and Andrea after the CRY-FEST

As everyone knows Mark was sustained as Bishop of the Whitacre Ward on Sept 14. I surprised him by showing up at the front door with cornpones from Maddox. Of course we both were crying when we saw each other. Normally our eyes are bigger and not swollen.

We had a very enjoyable weekend listen to Marks "words of wisdom" as he spoke. Of course he gave credit to everyone he knows -- but not himself. I will just say it. He is a valiant and good man. Heavenly Father held him for this opportunity in the old "25th Ward". We love our Mark............... or that should be our Bishop Neider.

Mike, Mom, Andrea, Darryl & Kenny

Look at the fun we had while Mark was busy all day at church. I'm a lucky sister to have such great brothers and a cute little mother.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

August Highlights

Wow, it's been a month since I've been to my blog....................sorry my dear little blog. I think August just sneaked by and we were too busy working to check in with the world. Not many highlights in the last month, but here are a few. I'll go backwards............

1. September 7th................Audrey's blessing. What a wonderful day. Our little Audrey was beautiful in her white dress and shawl. I have to admit her daddy was quite beautiful also. When Andrew started up to the stand with Audrey, I started crying right away. Don't you just love being so happy about something that you just start crying? Beautiful men in the circle and Andrew came through with an outstanding blessing for his little one. After church Melanie had us all over for brunch -- now get this -- Pull aparts (bacon, egg and cheese in the crockpots)4 of them all lined up. That Melanie is amazing! Gabe and I helped with the fruit. What good Crowley girls we are. I think there were about 30 of us. Good company for a special event.

2. BIG BONUS -- Matt and Gabe were called as the Gospel Doctrine teachers in our ward. Wow. Matt gave the first lesson and Gabe the 2nd. If you want an amazing Sunday School lesson stop by. We feel very lucky to benefit from this. As Matt was teaching about the stripling warriors, I was sitting there thinking. Hmmmm........that's my own little stripling warrior teaching his mom. Love it.

3. I loved a lesson I gave the Laurels this month about the scriptures. It was such a good reminder to me. The scriptures can help us soooooooooooo much -- sad, anxious, offended, insecure, name the emotion we get mixed up with or problem we are trying to sort out -- we all need help on any given day. The answers are in the scriptures and I always go to other avenues first -- forgetting that. The scriptures can really bring a peaceful heart when needed the most. The quote I found and I love............."I go to the scriptures like I go to the mailbox to see if there's a message for me."

4. Sunday evening Sept 7th -- Matt and Gabe showing up at the door with a birthday cake all ablaze. Of course little Charlotte was there beaming. What sweet thoughtful kids. Yummy cake too.

5. A beautiful bouquet of flowers from Rich on my birthday delivered to my office -- what a nice surprise from my sweetheart. Birthdays are just so fun. You are a good boy Rich.

6. My commute began again in the first week of August -- off and on then in earnest the last weeks. Up early -- out of the house by 5:20 and to work by 7:00. Then back home again by 6:00. It's dark in the morning, but it's good company. Thank goodness it is a beautiful drive home. Rich is a good conversationalist so I do most of the listening. Rich continued without me in July as I don't work the month of July -- no HOV. He was glad when I came back. We have had only one fight in the year we have been driving together. And yes, that one day the drive was very long. I can't remember what the fight was about, but I'm sure it was Rich's fault. I do remember before we left the house he was in the kitchen and said a cuss word and I yelled down from upstairs, "I love it when you talk dirty to me." Ha Ha Ha. I heard someone else say that in a movie or something. Funny huh. I need to refer back to number 3 above on those occasions.

Blog on fellow bloggers...............