Friday, July 2, 2010

Where did June go?

Tuck yourself in..................this is a  long one.

We picked up Lauren and Grandma Neider at the airport on June 4th.  Boy has the month gone fast.  The Fresno Crowleys flew in the next day and we all went to the beach on Saturday, the 5th of June.  We stayed in Corolla at Whalehead Beach for a week of fun and relaxation.  Wow -- it was like heaven.

I don't know how much Grandma Neider paid the guy, but he took her all the way to the car.

Jeremy had to go back to CA on the 12th, but the family stayed another week.  I posted many of the pics in the slide show and more at the bottom of the blog. 

We had such a fun week at the beach.  Everyone in the Crowley Family was able to be at the beach for the entire week.  This hasn't happened for many years.  We are now 16 in number.  Grandma Neider came with for the week and is still visiting with us in Culpeper.  We stayed at Whalehead Beach for the first time on the Outer Banks.  We didn't know if we would love it, but we did.  We were within walking distance of the Corolla Light House.  My niece, Whitney Hopkins visited the Outer Banks for the first time.  Her family stayed in Nags Head, but came up Monday night for grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and fun.  The kids played so well together in the pool.  Loved it.
My week was so wonderful.  Restful -- relaxing -- getting to see the Fresno Crowleys for the week.  What a treat.  The girls cooked fabulous meals.  Melanie made shredded beef Chimi's for our first night.  Wow.  They were a big hit.  Of course Andrew stopped at Carlos O'Kellys for chips and salsa for the meal.  What a feast.
Gabe made us her homemade Lasagne -- A Crowley Favorite -- with her homemade sauce, and now our new tradition is to have watermelon and corn on the cob.  So delicious.  Gabe had this with her family.
Shelly made Italian Farfalle with sausage for us one night.  Ymmmmmm.  We were spoiled.  It's fun to cook fun stuff at the beach.
Then my night......................I asked Matt if he would make us grilled pizza.  He so good.  I made four batches of pizza dough and away we went.  Matt made his Asian chicken with alfredo pizza.  I can't describe how good it is.  We also let everyone choose their own pizza.  Shelly wanted barbeque chicken, Melanie wanted Hawaiian pizza.  Gabe and I wanted margarita pizza with basil and tomato.  Fresh mozarella of course.  Then for the not so brave -- we made pepperoni.  They were so worth the work.  Thanks Matt.........

We came home from the beach rejuvenated and tired, but on Monday morning up we were to take a train ride from Culpeper to Manassas -- then on to Bull Run.  On Thursday Grandpa took the boys to see the dinosaur tracks at Luck Stone while the girls went to Relief Society for some fun with our Summer Bucket List.  Gabe presented and we had a blast.................More pics will be posted on the next blog with more of June.  We have loved every minute of being with the family.  Good times.

No one has cuter grandkids................

Matt and Emery

Grandma Donna, Jeremy, Matt, Andrea, Tim, Whitney
Jeremy and Tanner
Jeremy and Emery
The girls - chillin
Charlotte, Jocelyn, Andrea, Lauren
I think we were sneaking red licorice.
Andrew and Audrey

It doesn't get any better.

Then my bright idea was to get a great casual picture of the kids in the back yard.  I had scheduled a professional photo shoot but the schedule didn't work out. herding cats, we tried to get picture.  Here is the result.  We have many good ones of everyone, but never in the same picture.  So we will be moving heads until we get one that is acceptable............I thought a tea party would be fun for them and we could just shoot how darling they are.  They all had coordinating clothes and what could go wrong?

So I am looking for something like this with beautiful expressions.  I'm sure Rich will be able to make it happen .