Sunday, May 15, 2011

Catch Up!

Wow!  It's been a crazy month.  As I was getting ready to enjoy a women's brunch in my home on April 16th, I ask Rich to put some music on for us.  As he bent over one of the two artificial lenses he has in his eyes as a result of cataracts suddenly shifted down off the pupil.  (As we found out later)  He didn't tell me but, went upstairs and called the Dr. who had done his preivious eye surgeries.  Although it was Saturday the Dr told him to come in immediately and she would meet him at her office.  She said one danger is the lens can fall the rest of the way into the eye and then would have to be fished out surgically.  He came down stairs to tell me he was leaving to see the Dr which was an hour away.  Not knowing what was wrong, I wouldn't let him go alone.  It could have been anything!  So this started the crazy month we have been through.

Because the ressetting of the lens is such a technical specialty, the next day we saw a specialist in Chevy Chase, Maryland who scheduled the surgery.  We tried to get home but this is what we faced.

So we left this fun traffic mess and ended up at Great Falls.  It was a beautiful day so we started hiking out to the falls.  Unfortunately these were the hiking shoes I had on my feet.

Of course I was very cute with this matching purse, but not really suited for a two mile hike.

We started for the falls and about half way there I already had a huge blister forming on the top of my foot.  I thought -- that's okay.  You know the price of beauty and all.  Then the pain started getting really bad so I told Rich to go ahead and I would wait.  I sat down on one of the locks to wait.  Of course I was immediately bored stuck on the lock.  Then I got the bright idea to wrap the scarf I had around my neck around my foot.  It worked perfectly.  So off I went.  Then I started worrying that the other foot would start complaining so I wrapped a few napkins around that foot also.  Yes, I was quite a sight, but the scarf and napkins worked.  By the time I found Rich, he was on his way back, but he went with me back to the falls.  It was a beautiful sight -- about two miles all in all.
This is the tow path along the canal.  It runs 184 miles from Georgetown to Cumberland, MD.

The water was roaring and beautiful.  The canals hadn't been opened yet, but it was fun to be there while the traffic cleared up.

So Next:

 Rich finally got his antique radios restored and returned to us. Only the inside on the large one needed restoration.  We drove them to Connecticut.  The large radio was given to him by his grandfather who lived in Idaho Falls, Idaho.    He was quite a man.  He graduated from Stanford in accounting and was a CPA until he was in his 90s.  Amazing.  He always used to say that his business  was dying off.  Literally.  I guess so at that age.  His grandson is thrilled to have this radio.

This smaller radio was a gift his father gave to his mother on her 22nd birthday.  Both the inside and the outside had to be restored on this radio.  Both of this radios are now playable and Rich has extra tubes for the future.  What treasures to have.  They are beautiful.

Then.....Lauren visited over spring break.  What a treat for us.  Here she is with brother Nathan.

Two sisters -- Lauren and Charlotte catching a few zzzz's
Lauren will be back  along with the Fresno Crowleys , the first week of June for our annual family reunion at the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

Then bad news.........I found out that my pitching arm isn't what it used to be.  Ha Ha!  Rich ask me to bring his wallet upstairs.  I decided that I could throw it.
I wanted to throw it up to the bridge and he could retrieve it.  Hmmmm.  You guessed it.

This is one of the many things I'm not that good at anymore.  Then Rich reminded me that my pitching arm was never that great.  Running yes -- throwing no.  Oh well.  I'm glad I can laugh at myself these days.

So ........................last week after a three day stay in Maryland, Rich's eye surgery was successful.  The lens was stitched to the iris and he is as good as new.  And by the way, those of you who keep asking me if Rich got a tattoo.  Check out his blog here for the answer.    It's after "A Walk With Lauren".