Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jocelyn's Blessing

Jocelyn Crowley

It has taken forever to get this blog finished for Jocelyn's blessing.  It was about one month ago.  Melanie's parents flew in and stayed for four days with us.  We had a really fun time with them.  So.......
What a great day for a blessing for such a sweet little girl.  Her daddy gave her a beautiful blessing and standing with him were Uncle Ken, Cousin Drew, Grandpa Rich, Daddy Andrew, Uncle Matthew, Grandpa Baker, Friend Jason Brown and Friend Justin Blank. 

Andrew, Audrey, Jocelyn and Melanie

                                           Andrew and Justin.........yes, I think they are holding hands.  Ha Ha

I took the little kids upstairs for a couple of games during the lunch to give the parents a break.  Aren't they adorable.  Lottie, Audrey, Sienna, Logan and Cole.                      

Melanie, Erin and Cole Brown

Kara (our neice), Rich and Melanie

Melanie's mother, Carrielee Baker and Jocelyn
Drew (married to Kara) with Jocelyn and Gabe with Nathan
Blessing days are always such a special time for the family.  It gives us a wonderful reason to celebrate a new member of the family.  We are so happy to have such special spirits come to the Crowley Family.  We love each one.  Our grandchildren have wonderful and dedicated parents.  It so joyful to watch them work hard to be good parents.