Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lessons Learned!

Life is just one of those crazy events that happens to you when you are busy doing or thinking about something else.  Over the years I have had a few times when I have asked myself, "Why did you do that?'  Sometimes I have answers and sometimes I don't.  Often I just kick myself around the block a couple of times and just try to remember the lesson I can learn from  a mistake or even a serendipitous event. 
Some of these lessons were learned the hard way and some I wish I had known in earlier...........Hmmmmm. I gave a lesson at Relief Society once on Lessons Learned.  I made a nice pamphlet to hand out and didn't keep a copy for myself.  Now I will have it on my blog where I can find it. At any rate here are some lessons I have learned.

1.  Never serve pink punch or give the kids pink or red Popsicles.  You just don't have to do it.  Saves a lot of grief if you have carpet.  (And you thought these were going to be profound.)

2.  Never buy a glass top table for the patio or deck.  Dirt gets under the ledge and is difficult to clean.

3.  Always take the time to make your bed.  You can even trick yourself.  The rest of the room can be a mess and if the bed is made, it just looks better.

4.  Do something fun everyday.  Even if you have to do it by yourself.  (You are good company after all.)
5.  Nothing, I mean nothing, is worth fighting over.  There are better ways to solve problems.

6.  Always tell your husband how many shopping days he has until your birthday or anniversary.

7.  Give said husband a list of items you would like.  Husbands aren't mind readers.

8. Don't burn bridges.  You may have to cross those bridges again.

9.  If you can't get customer satisfaction from one rep, call back until you get someone who can help you.  it will usually be a different person.  They all have different ideas of resolution.

10.  Learn to laugh at yourself.

11.  Learn to enjoy a good soak in the tub.  Instant meditation.  A place you can do your best thinking/problem solving.  I didn't learn this until I was 45 yrs old.  I always thought you had to hurry and shower.

12.  As you age remember to fill in those thinning brows -- but don't be too heavy handed.

13.  If you want to look old and/or unkempt wear ugly or even worn shoes.

14.  Wedge shoes are much easier to walk in than heels.  I'm just sayin'.  Sooner or later I had to say something about shoes.

15.  I'm not as smart as I thought I was, but I can do more than I thought I could.  (Some days I am as smart as I think and other days I am saying to myself,  "What made you think you could do that?")

16.  If you don't like someone, do something nice for them or pray for them every day.  It's amazing how that will change how you feel.

17.  If you are in a situation where you are feeling nervous, insecure, or shy, just think to yourself, "These people do not know how cool I am."  Well, it usually calms me down.  No lack of self-confidence here.

18.  If you have bad news to deliver to a client or parent, (I worked in a high school) do it right away.  The burden is then off your shoulders.

19.  Learn to enjoy and laugh at life.  Some times the mundane is so funny and enjoyable.

20.  If you have a big--overwhelming job to complete, do one or two pieces of it at a time.  Then take a break.  It helps.

21.  And last but not least -- always open your mail by the waste basket.  I don't do this, but I wish I did.

22.  Okay -- one more -- to smile in a photo,  for you nervous smilers, press your tongue behind your top teeth for a more natural smile.  Also when standing, bend one knee.  It always looks better

Okay -- there are my life lessons.  Do you have any to add?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fun at Yoder's with the Fresnos

We had a very fun lunch with Shelly, Tanner, Carsen and Emery at Yoder's before they left to go back to California.  Yoder's is a Mennonite store about 20 minutes from Culpeper on the way to Charlottesville with a deli, fresh baked goods, Amish furniture and lots of unique packaged foods.  Shelly bought caramels and cinnamon/white chocolate dipped pretzels.  We also bought fresh bread and cinnamon rolls to take home.  Then outside there are goats, chickens and lots of play equipment.  The pictures really speak for themselves. 

This one is too funny.   The goats can climb up this very narrow walkway to the food at the end.  None of them bother because a very large goat his taken up residence at the end.  There is a goat lying on the platform.  (You can't see him.)  There is a pully to carry the corn up to feed the goat.                                                                                                                                               

Tanner feeding the goats.  Notice he changes from the 5 Guys hat to an old hat that Grandpa Crowley was throwing away.  What a cute guys.
Carsen's turn
Tanner in Grandpa's old hat.
Emmy fed the chickens -- but not corn.  She fed them Doritos.

Ah!  Here's a Grandpa's Boy.
Wow!  Here's another Grandpa's Boy.

Here's where we had our lunch.  The sandwiches at Yoder's are well worth the drive.  But take your own iced drink.  They have bottles only.
Those Crowley kids love Doritos
Fun Times

Here's the turkey. (in the cage of course)

Little Emery swinging.
What a handsome guy!
This Tanner is perpetual motion.  He never quits having fun.
Here's Grandma's Girl
We left Yoder's and Grandpa took the boys to a movie and Emery went to play with cousin, Charlotte.  Shelly and I were going shopping, but we were tired.  We may have gone home for a nap.  I can't remember.  Those California kids love to have fun.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bear Day With the Girls

This is where the fun started.  All of the girls had birthdays recently and that meant a trip to the Bear store.  Emery and Charlotte have filled their bears and Audrey is pushing the pedal for the stuffing to go in her cat. 

It was a moment of wonder and magic for these little girls.  It was heart thumping to watch their little faces at each station. 

Charlotte grooming her kitty.
Emmy and her new best friend.

It was love at first sight.
Choosing the clothes was crazy fun.
Here are the girls with their bear houses.  Emery (3) Audrey (3) Charlotte (4)

How cute is this?  Visiting the bear store with these three little darlings tickled this Grandma's heart.  Then it was on to lunch.  This is just the beginning of fun times with my granddaughters!