Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Well, mothering is just one of the best things I have ever done. I don't remember being exhausted or lonesome for adult conversation. Sometimes you are just too busy to think. I do remember being really frustrated one day and maybe that was because I was exhausted. Who knows!

Here are some of my sweet memories of Mother's Day.

1. Waffles in bed with syrup and the whole schmear. Delighted faces beaming with joy to bring it to me.

2. Two bottles of the same perfume from two little boys who both wanted to give their momma the swan perfume. I am pretty sure I still have those swans.

3. Standing on my first Mother's Day in 1975 with my two month old baby in my arms to get my flower in sacrament meeting. I can still remember the dress I wore. What a thrilling and happy moment.

4. Receiving the Happy Mother's Day plate in 1987 made by a very cute seven year old. On the back, "I love MOM!" Andy

5. Mother's Day missionary calls. Never forget them. A mother's heart longing to see her boys and knowing they were where they should be.

6. Rich giving me two beautiful bridal wreath bushes for Mother's Day and watching them bloom every spring.

7. Going to Matt's preschool for the Mother's Day party to see a big poster with Matt's name at the top of the list.
Matthew Crowley -- She taught me not to mess with her. Hmmmmmmmm.

Other children - My mother taught me how to read, color, cook.............the lesson? Ask your child what he would say if someone ask him what his mother taught him. Ha Ha -- then you can help him with something wonderful as a response.

Somehow it didn't matter. You just love everything your kids do and say.

8. Remembering Andrew reciting in preschool for all he was worth, "Here are my grandma's glasses."

9. Seeing the two little pigs salt and pepper shakers that Jeremy picked out with Grandma Crowley's help for me.

10. I could go on and on. The memories are precious. Remembering those sweet little faces -- now grown up beautiful handsome faces and so accomplished. Love 'em.

The best gift of all was just having those kids. My kids were the best ever. I am just so happy I am their mother. No one else gets to do that. Just me. I am selfish about mothering my boys. I do share with their Dad and wives, but I save the best parts for myself.

The childhood part of mothering goes by very quickly -- just remember that. Keep up the good work all you moms -- it's a great job. Pray hard.