Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Our newest little sparkle princess has arrived. We are so excited to have another little girl. I can't wait to hold her.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Full Time Job

I discovered that having a husband is a full time job all by itself. You know what I mean? However, I thought my husband was the only one that was a full time job. I expressed that thought to a dr friend of mine and she said, "All husbands are full time jobs." So I guess I'm not alone in this vocation.

Anyway, I have one of the best jobs around. There is never a dull moment with Rich Crowley. Just hang on and prepare for adventure. Just today as he was filling the car with gas, he opened the car door to tell me "Killer Joe" was playing. Sweet.

Actually we had good news today. Rich had his cancer scan and the tumors have not changed in size at all. That is a miracle to me. He continues to be a walking miracle. That means we do nothing. Go back in a year. I marvel at his diligence. He is amazingly precise in managing all of the instructions the drs give him. Thanks, Rich.

I really didn't think we would have him here to celebrate his 64th birthday, but we do and did celebrate a little yesterday on the day. Matt and Gabe invited us over for a wonderful dinner. Thanks Supers. More celebration to come. So Happy Birthday Rich. Here are the top ten reasons I won't quit my "job".

1. Love that guy. I wouldn't want to argue with anyone else.
2. He's fun. He always tries to crack me up in church.
3. He takes care of me and my three boys -- three girls
4. He keeps the conversation going when I am too tired
5. He can make me laugh
6. He takes care of his cars
7. He continues to be unpredictable and interesting
8. He loves my family
9. He is crazy about his grandchildren
10. He works hard to make sure I am happy.

Love you Rich............

Monday, May 19, 2008


Well, I get the "Lousey Day of the Week Award" from last week. I noticed in Sunday School that Bro Henry had two heads. I was wondering if I was being possessed or something, but just in case I made appts to see the eye drs. I ended up in the second appt on Thursday. I knew it would take a long time and I wouldn't be able to see well when it was all over, so I had Rich drop me off. It was "crazy". The inner waiting room had lots of us going in and out of different testing rooms and most could not see. I was sitting next to one chubby lady who said to me, "So, do you like your shoes?" I thought of so many things I could say, but politely replied that I liked my shoes. Many languages were being spoken in that room, but all eyes were on my shoes.
Well, the dr said my macular had become problematic causing the double vision and gave me a shot in my eye. Yes, with a needle. He said the treatment could possibly help or reverse the problem as we had caught it so early. So I am hopeful. It's the same vision problem that Grandma Neider has so it might be in your genetic make-up also. (I knew Grandma would feel so bad when I told her. She did.)

I held it together pretty well after being beat up for three hours. I was headed straight to the cafe in the complex to get a diet coke and to call Rich to pick me up. As I was leaving the outer waiting room (all blurry people), Rich called to me. He had come back at hour two because he thought it was taking too long. Anyway, when I saw him, I lost it. It was like I was 5 and had skinned my knee and just found my mom. Anyway, I put on my "cover your whole face" dark glasses and went for the diet coke. All was well. Traumatized but well.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Love My Blog

Things that fall under the crazy catagory that you can blog to cheer yourself up:

1. I was so hungry just now that I looked in my desk and found a Ricola for a snack. Desperation.

2. Church was so funny yesterday. Everyone knows what the first Sunday brings. I looked over at Rich and he had his arms resting on his knees with his hands covering his face. I almost laughed out loud. Then I smilingly nudged him. He came up smiling. Then one woman got up to speak and Gabe next me on the other side, said, "Here we go, tuck yourself in." Church is not as much fun without Lottie. She was home with Matt yesterday.

3. Every day we pass a pasture of black angus -- about 30 of them. In one spot of the pasture is a high mound of dirt. Yesterday all of the cows were minding their business eating grass and two crazy cows were standing on top of the dirt hill. I guess they were the Guard Cows. This is called entertaining yourself while commuting.

4. Yesterday was Cinco de I went to celebrate with a co-worker for lunch. We went Mexican -- Coyote Grill. I had very nice -- and professional -- out fit on yesterday. Later after a great lunch and returning, I was working with the computer tech on next year and schedules. She said, " Is that guacamole on your jacket?" You know it's hard to be cool when you have guac on your jacket. Cinco de Crowley.

5. One of the lessons I have learned over the years is to laugh at myself and life. It just seems I'm getting the opportunity to laugh at myself more and more. Oh well. Have you had any embarrassing moments lately?

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Everyone was curiously quiet about AI last week. Interesting huh! I agree with Whitney. where is Michael John. We want him back. I was sad for Brook, but knew it was inevitable.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I was so mad at work today I wanted to hurt people. If you know me well, you know it takes a lot to get me mad. I took a break from work and started calling the utilities for the beach house to cancel, etc. When I called the cable company, the "helper" couldn't talk with me about disconnecting because the account was in Rich Crowley's name. I told her that Rich Crowley doesn't even know who his cable company is, didn't set up the account, and has never paid the bill. I did all of that. Well, she is security -- we cannot make changes without his authority. I said, "Are you afraid someone is going to steal a TV show or something." Yes, it was a juvenile thing to say, but I was starting to feel better already.

She said, "No, it's an FCC regulation. You can call them if you have a problem." So I replied,

"What a great suggestion Ashley. Whom shall I call there? and .............Thank you so much for your help. And by the way, you didn't have any trouble adding the additional wireless internet to the account when I called last year. Was that a security violation that I should report when I call?"

Anyway, I was finished at that point. Tomorrow I am going to call and say. This is Richi Crowley. Yah, my parents gave me a boys name. I would like to cancel my cable.

Stay tuned.