Monday, August 4, 2008

More Beach & July

My mom spent a month with us in Culpeper. This picture is on the 4th of July with little Audrey two weeks old.

Ha Ha Ha now that my company has gone home, I am getting the ceiling fans installed; consequently, I have time to finish this blog. The workers just left for a lunch break. When they arrived I thought -- oh well -- we'll see what they can do? Two of Virginia's finest in all black hip hop garb -- shaved heads. You know the look. But -- zip zip zip -- they know what they are doing. I almost ask them to bring me something back. Well I am hungry. Yes, I'm in a mood today and there isn't much food in the house.

The fans are chic...........I will post pics later. Remember if you come to visit me you will have your own fan............this is the fan in the family room minus the parrot. It is awesome. The blades are also dark.

More pictures from July:

July Family Fun

Jeremy and Emery

Grandma, Tanner and Carsen exercising...........

July was busy and fun. Grandma Neider came for three weeks. Shelly, Jeremy, Tanner, Carsen and Emery came for three weeks. And we were so excited to meet our new little Emery. We headed to the beach for a much needed week of relaxing and fun. We really missed Lauren, Gabe and Charlotte at our beach reunion. Those girls are fun.
The pictures really tell the whole story.

Tanner, Carsen at Madonna's Lake

Carly Z was our lifeguard at the lake. We had a fun lunch and Grandma came down to the lake after a long visit with her boyfriend, Cliff.

Andrea and Madonna

Cliff and Madonna live on about 300 acres in Unionville, Virginia where Cliff put in his own lake. It is about 25 minutes from Culpeper.

Grandpa Crowley, Tanner and Emery in the swing.

Granpa Crowley and Emery at the beach house.
Emery: No on told me how handsome my Uncle Matt was....

Our Little Audrey

Tanner is a good little babysitter for Audrey

Melanie and Audrey in Culpeper

Grandpa and Grandma with Audrey and Emery. Grandpa is doing a better job with his little granddaughter and than Grandma is..........

I have lots more beach pictures to add as soon as I can find what file I put them in.........I guess I'll start a new post.

One more.............Tanner in action in the little blow up pool at the house in Culpeper.