Saturday, March 2, 2013

February Family Fun

Life just happens so quickly, it's hard to keep pace - especially in February!  That month just zipped by me this year. We have so many Crowley birthdays in February and you know what that means?  Yes, lots of cake! 
Charlotte has the first birthday and amazingly she turned 6 years-old on February 2nd.  We have all been asking ourselves where the time has gone.  She is such a cutie pie too.  She loves visiting Grammie's house.  It's funny how all the grand kids call our home Grammie's...hmmm.  Charlotte loves sleepovers and cooking with Grammie, but alas and alack,  Grandpa is her favorite here.  That's true of all the kids. I have tried ramping up my game but nothing seems to help me.  Anyway, I digress.

I think this was about four years ago.  Is this sweet -- yes it is such a sweet little face.

Here is Charlotte with cousin Audrey about three years ago.  These little cousins adore each other.  Look at those sweet faces.

And here is Charlotte today.  She is in kindergarten now and really loves keeping busy.  Here she is making pie crust cinnamon cookies.  Love this girl.  She cut some pretty crazy shapes.

Charlotte had a party with her cousins at Chuck e Cheese.  Grammie and Grandpa didn't make the party, but look at this grown up girl.  Thanks Gabe for these pics!

Birthday cake at cousin Audrey's!  Did she get that piece all in her mouth?

Then the craziest thing happened -- Right on the money Charlotte lost her first tooth on her birthday at Uncle Andrew and Aunt Melanie's house with her two little cousins, Audrey and Jocelyn screaming in the background.  Charlotte was also doing her share of screaming.  I'm sorry I missed this event.


     February 3 was Gabrielle  -- Matthew on March 9th

This is a few years ago at the beach, but, love this pic of Matt and Gabe!  I cannot divulge Gabe's  age on this blog.  That is not my news to share. 

Since a mother always keeps track of the age of her children however -- Matthew is 457 months old! 

We live just five minutes away from this cute couple.  It's fun to get to see them often.

Our Gabe is one clever girl.  There isn't anything this girl cannot do. She is always there to help me when I need her.  A couple of years ago we had planned an Angel themed birthday dinner at the church and she volunteered to make her homemade marinara for the angel hair pasta.  I found out the night before she had to schedule an emergency flight to Utah to help her mother.  On the commute home I was trying to figure out when I would have time to get to the store for some store-bought sauce.  But to my surprise when I got home there were two quart jars of her sauce in my fridge and she was on a plane to Utah.  I don't know how she did it. Gabe takes good care of Matthew, Charlotte and Nathan  and she makes sure our Lauren fits right in to their family.   I sure love this girl.
And Matt - love this boy!  He came into our lives after eight long years of longing for a baby.  What a happy time for us.  He is now our renaissance man.  There isn't anything he can't figure out and he is still interested in absolutely everything.  He has an unquenchable thirst for learning. He is loving and kind and he  takes good care of his family.  Love this man cub. 

     February 8 was Melanie

Melanie's age will also remain a secret.  I will tell you she is the youngest of the children.  She's a busy girl with three little girls and the big job of taking care of Andrew! and I'm sure there is a baby under that blanket.  I love this beautiful picture of Melanie.
Yes, there is a baby under that blanket!
Harper is almost 7 months old.  She is growing so fast! They don't get any cuter than this!  Not Harper's birthday, but I had to sneak this in!

Melanie is the best mommy and wife.  And such a clever girl too.  She can make anything and figure out anything.  When Andrew and Melanie lived with us for a few months, we had such fun cooking and planning meals.  She is a good sport.  Andrew is a lucky man.  She makes her home so welcoming to friends and family.  Melanie is so thoughtful and that sweetheart found the diamond that had fallen out of the my wedding ring setting.  I had looked for it for weeks.  Love thi.s girl!
     February 21 was Nathan
It's hard to believe this little quiet baby turned three.  This little guy is all perpetual motion now.

Nathan had plenty of help opening this present.  Can you imagine all of those three little girls helping.  Jocelyn is out of the picture, but she is helping.  It was hard to keep the girls from ripping the paper for him, they were so excited.

Yes, a present!  I'm not sure what it is?

What a beautiful face this little guy has.  Yes, it's hard to turn him down on anything. 
 Nathan loves coming to Grammie's house, because yes, that's where Grandpa lives, and as I said, he usually pushes passed me looking for Grandpa. 

Party Time!  We have to keep the kids engaged.  We planned a few games for the kids.  The marsh mellow one was the favorite.

Let's build castles out of toothpicks and marshmallows.  They loved it!  Okay - they ate a few.
                            Grammie, Audrey and Charlotte

 I really believe Nathan ate more marshmallows than were on his castle.
Is that marshmellow dust on Nathan's lips?
Jocelyn's Castle - and notice she appropriately has on a princess dress! 
Here's the table set for the Costa Vida Party
 Add some hungry people!  Heck not everyone was at the table yet.
And then onto the cake!  Happy Birthday to the Crowley Gang!

Our birthday party was great family fun in February.We love having a reason to celebrate.  We are missing  (including the California Crowleys and Lauren) only the month of July. for a birthday in our family   Come gang!  Let's get that corrected.  Then we can have CAKE and celebrations every month.  Love this Crowley Family!  There are 18 of us now.  Jocelyn is next!