Sunday, December 1, 2013

Best Hunting Picture EVER!

Wow! What crazy and wonderful things I have learned about my family from compiling a history for my mom and dad. This blog is a little different, but I wanted to get some of my thoughts down in writing and be able to share some things with my brothers.

Okay! You are about to see the best hunting picture ever! We found this picture in my Grandmother Neider's black and white photos from ? ? ? Looking at the car, it could be the '20s. Talk about Americana. We are writing the Neider History and this shows up! I'm not sure who we are related to in this photo, but who cares. I will claim them all and it looks like they had a great day. Someone needs to write a short story about this group. Is this the Hole in the Wall Gang or children of Hole in the Wall taking a day off to hunt?


I'm am so in love with this picture.  I have actually copyrighted it.  It has given me hours of entertainment!  You can't tell me this isn't interesting.  We think those birds hanging are probably sage hens.

                                Here is my Grandpa Herbert Lee Neider with his prize deer!  Nice!  When Grandma and Grandpa moved back to California in about 1954, Mother and Dad bought their house complete with a deer head mounted and hanging in the basement.  I wonder if this is that deer?


My Grandpa Neider was a man's man. I never knew anyone who worked harder than Grandpa Neider. He passed that hard work ethic along to my dad and our whole family. We know the value and rewards of working hard to make life and the world a better place. This Grandpa served in the Spanish American War and in WWI. His stories of serving in France and watching a buddy die in his foxhole next to him and seeing the effect of mustard gas on the soldiers are truly amazing. His war journals are beyond interesting. He was the all-world patriot who would fight in any war to protect America. During WWII he worked clean up at Pearl Harbor the entire year of 1943. My dad was with him in Hawaii. They were there to raise ships and build bunkers for what all believed was to be the forthcoming invasion of the USA. Grandpa was there all of 1943 and my dad for only 11 months. He left Hawaii and enlisted in the Navy. Because Grandpa was a foot soldier in two wars, he encouraged his sons to "not join the army". So he ended up with Navy, Air Force and Marine! One son did not serve. Grandpa's history is very American. I always wondered why the Army pulled him out of high school for WWI.Then I read the novel and President Roosevelt built up the troops right at that time for Europe. Now it made sense to me.

And he had to know the guys in the first picture. Maybe he was taking the picture.

Grandpa and Grandma Neider eloped and married on April 21, 1921 to Dillon, Montana. The funny thing is Grandma's brother, Elmer Rounds went with them. This picture is priceless!

What a fun picture!
Grandma Neider was working at a store in Roberts, Idaho. Grandpa met her at the store. Times were different in 1921, but they knew each other only two weeks before they were married. It was love at first sight for these two and they continued that love affair all their lives. It was well known that Grandpa was very jealous. When my dad was born he was three months old before Great Grandma finally put her foot down and gave him a name. Every name that Grandma suggested, Grandpa accused her of naming Dad after an old boyfriend. Hilarious! Grandpa and Grandma had seven children. Two daughters and five sons. My father was the oldest. They lost a two year-old little boy to pneumonia. My dad said it was such an awful day when his dad came home to tell them that Brother would not be coming home from the hospital. My dad was only six years old. So very sad for this little family. This was Grandpa and Grandma's third son and he was always called Brother. His full name was Dewey Kenneth Neider.  My oldest brother, Kenny Neider is named for him.

I am named for my Grandma Neider. She is Leona Rounds Neider and I am Andrea Leona Neider. My dad was at Camp Farragut in Moscow, Idaho when I was born. Grandma and Grandpa drove to Moscow to bring us to Pocatello when my dad shipped out in September of 1944. I was just a few days old. Since my brother and I were the oldest Neider grandchildren, we were spoiled by our grandparents and Neider aunts and uncles. They loved to go for Sunday afternoon drives and we loved to go with them. They started the tradition of driving to Brigham City, Utah to eat at Maddox. It's still a family favorite place to eat.

It's wonderful to have such a rich family heritage. Our family has a lot to live up to when we compare ourselves to our ancestors. I'm really proud of our family and love thinking about these fine people that are so much a part of me. Grandma has wonderful pictures. Thanks Grandma for taking all of the fun pictures you did. And thanks Mom for taking such good care of those pictures.