Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Miracle

Our newest grandson was born Sunday. What excitment we all experienced and then to see this precious baby. He is already a joy and a blessing to the Crowley Family. I think the most reverent feelings a mother can have are when her babies arrive.
Here's our little Nathan Matthew with Charlotte on his first day...................

Proud Grammie

The perfect family -- but missing our Lauren.

Proud Grandpa!

Charlotte's first look at Nathan.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Stop On Tyhee Road

On our trip in October we stayed with Mark and Renee a few days. Fun times. Mark took us to the house we grew up in on Tyhee Road. We had fun.

Rich took the picture from the road.

Kenny and Andrea in the same spot. Kenny 8th grade Andrea 6th grade with a hair crisis going on. The picture windows had nice awnings. Does anyone have a good picture of the olden days house?
Mark and the contractor - my old bedroom. After they gutted the house, the guy said that the living room addition put on by my grandpa Neider, Herbert Lee Neider, was built so well that he left the original studs, etc. Good job Grandpa.

Again, the basement bedroom

This is the Tyhee Flats.............This is where Kenny threw the gear shift of his car when someone ran into his Nomad.

This is looking down Tyhee Road. On the right at the bottom of the hill was Boyd's IGA and on the right was the Tyhee Church -- 7th Ward. This looks like a highway, but it is a little country road. The ranchers would often take the herds of sheep and cattle down this road to the summer pasture up in the mountains in the distance. That was always very exciting.

Tyhee Road is very famous in our family. We all had adventures here. This is where I fell off Aunt Carolee's bike landing on my head........................very traumatic. We use to ride double all the time. This is the road that Grandpa Boyd's brothers stacked cardboard boxes high and wide across the road as a halloween prank. Ha Ha. And I will never forget walking from the store to the house after closing the store alone. I ran up the middle of the road with the money bag clutched in my hands until I put it in a safe place in the house. (Dad's closet)

This house looks very sad. This is the front.

The house has been gutted and is being complete refurbished. This is the front porch. We moved out of this house in 1965. Mark would have been about 14. The tub is funny. We had eight in our family and one bathroom. Can you imagine it?

This shows the back porch going to the basement or up to the kitchen. No heat and very cold in the winter going down to the bedrooms.

This is the spot!

This is the exact spot where Mike buried the candy. (An old family story) Mark, pictured above, did not get his share of the candy as the story goes. Where is that candy Mike?

Also, as we walked through the door to the garage, the contractor said, "I can't figure out what this little cupboard is for." It was about an 8x8 behind the garage door.

Mark said, "I don't know what it was for, but that's where I put Julie's dead Easter chick." Ask Mark for the full story.

I found some fun old time pictures to blog about from Tyhee Idaho. Go back a few blogs to December 20 to read the blog. I started it in Dec and just finished it.