Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cutest Girls

I'm trying to get caught up with my blog and have many pics to post. I added some to previous posts, but this one didn't seem to fit any where. Andrew and Melanie came for MLK weekend. So..............Audrey was having a bath in Grammy's sink and Charlotte wanted in on the action. How cute is this!

My darling granddaughters.

This picture was before Gabe had Charlotte's hair cut. Can you believe the hair on this little girl? She will be two on Monday and this picture is about two months ago. I had just stacked a bunch of stuff on the desk and she was very curious about it. What a doll!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Wedded Bliss

Rich and I voted last night and decided to stay married for yet another year. I hope none of you were worried about the outcome, but you never know how the tide will swing on voting day. It's really amazing that after all these years -- we still like being together. At least most of the time. Coincidentally it was our anniversary so we try to vote on the matter once a year. We use to say (ha ha) that we would divorce, but neither of us would take the kids, so we had to stay together.

We got to spend the day together on the 28th as the heavens opened and poured down snow and freezing rain. Yahoo! My school was closed so Rich took the day off and we celebrated. He spoiled me this year with beautiful Roses -- a lunch date and we ended up at an afternoon movie. However, he almost canceled the vote when I spilled the entire very large box of popcorn. He said, "That's $7.00 worth of popcorn you know." He decided to keep me anyway and replaced the popcorn.

I think marriage can just get better. There have been moments when I really felt like killing Rich, even threatened, but then I would come back to reality. The Neiders don't want me back. Who would take care of me and my kids? I would have to take care of myself and there wouldn't be anyone around to make me laugh. So, the threat has remained only a threat! I never really planned how I would kill him so that is a good sign I think.

Life with Rich is just crazy and fun. I have always said that the only thing predictable about him is that he is unpredictable. For example: A few years ago I pulled up to the house (anniversary weekend) and he scooped me into the car and said, "We are going away for the weekend."
"Really," I said. "Where?" Then he told me I would find out when we arrived. Well, I asked him about clothes, etc. He told me not to worry he had taken care of everything. Arrive we did at a hotel at the Inner Harbour in Baltimore. Well, he kept packing in suit cases and I was amazed and curious to find out what was in the suit cases. What would I be wearing on this fun weekend? Many suitcases for two days. When I opened one suit case, it had only shoes. A lot of shoes. He told me that he knew I would want several pair to choose from....................ha ha ha. A whole suitcase full of shoes. So funny.

The other wonderful husband/wife moment of that weekend was about my hair. I stress over my hair all the time anyway and feel like it is one of my best features so I work hard to be cute. You know what I am talking about. Anyway, at this time I was wearing my hair "naturally curly". I had just spent a long time in the bathroom getting it just so. When I came out he innocently and in all seriousness said, "Okay, hon as soon as you get your hair done, let's go." Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. That was the end of the curly phase. It was so funny because he didn't really know what he had said until I laughed and told him how long I had been working on my hair.

Husbands are funny. Love'em tho'. Rich has learned that any comment about hair and weight is not going to be a well-received comment no matter what is said -- so better run rather than answer the question of, "Does this make me look fat?"

So we have been married longer than the Israelites wandered in the desert. Man that is a long time of wedded bliss. But, without my better half there would literally and figuratively be no music in my life. I better hurry and think of something fun for him before he calls for a recount of the vote.

My own Rock Star

Rock Star and Grandpa with Emery

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Proud Momma!

Seriously, it's an amazing feeling to watch your children manage their lives and families. Sometimes, yes, you are thinking...........what the heck are they thinking ? ? and at other times you are trying to somehow take credit for their brillance.........thinking that a great decision or an outcome is most certainly due to your good parenting. I love observing what dedicated mothering and fathering is taking place with my sons and daughters-in-law. Well, yes, they have all had good training, but they all go way beyond the measure. As a parent you feel such appreciation and respect to see their skills in action.

So yes I'm a proud momma.............

Two shout outs for two recent accomplishments:

Matt just made partner in his law firm. First partner in about 14 years, I think. It was announced this week and yes we thrilled for Matt. Congratulations

Andrew just finished his MBA in December. Excellent work Andrew. We celebrated at Arties.

A proud momma indeed. I'm very confident I had something to do with something here. Don't you think? Two excellent accomplishments at the same time. My Kings of Virginia.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Day

Last Friday was just the craziest. Check this out. Rich and I commuted to Fairfax (we leave at 5:30 a.m.) and I dropped him at his office. I had an eye appointment at 8:00. Traumatic, but no treatment. I didn't have to have the eye shot so that was good news and I was at work by 10:00. I raced back to get Rich so he could drop me off at school. So I work work work all day and one of my cute teachers, Anne dropped me in Centreville for my hair appointment -- about 3:30. My hair was seriously lousy as my hair stylist had been in Utah for about a month. After I was sufficiently cute Rich picked me up in Centreville and we drove back to Fairfax to meet Andrew, Melanie, and Audrey for dinner at my favorite restaurant. We had a fabulous dinner and a fun visit with A, M, & A. We then left the restaurant to go to the Sea Chanters concert in Fairfax. We got to see my cousin, Bob, his wife Veronica (from Seattle). Antje, their daughter performs with the group. It was superb. Anyway, what a day. We were home by 10:30 and yes...............tired. That's called logging a lot of miles in one day. Yep, we're old. Can you keep up with these senior citizens. Ha Ha.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Okay, I started this on Jan 2. Phew! We made it into the new year. The last week has been so much fun! It started on Christmas Eve with dinner at Matt and Gabe's. The stockings were hung and all the gifts wrapped. Gabe put together a fabulous dinner............cheesy potato soup and pumpkin pie for dessert. It doesn't get any better for this Idaho girl. We all opened a gift as we usually do on Christmas Eve and enjoyed being together. Charlotte was in the spotlight. The next morning...........that little Charlotte was amazing. After looking at the tantalizing packages for days she was finally able to open some.......Wow! She was so precious and what a delight to be a part of that magical wonder in her little eyes. We all had fun with our new treasures. It was a necklace Christmas for me. I know -- I'm lucky. Two Brightons and a beautiful butterfly necklace with an outfit to go with it. I also got a fancy white scarf from CA and a fab George Forman grill that I have used many times and love. I'm spoiled. Rich received his new flip camera and a requested sweater.......books and an itunes card........hmmmmm. Music for the rock star. He loves it.

I had to show you the addition to the gold and white tree. I like to add something each year and Margo and I found these leaves in a little shop in Culpeper. She bought some then I bought some. Then she gave me hers. Thanks Margo.

I did get a really fun present for myself...............that is allowed, I believe. I have given the reading "White Kid Gloves", by Margaret Cousins, many times at Christmas time and was looking for a better copy than the old copy I had. I didn't want to retype the darn thing. Anyway, I found the collection of Margaret Cousins book, Christmas Keepers, on Amazon. After looking in the library and online for many hours, I bought the book. It was published in the 1950's. I am a happy girl to have this fun collection of stories to add to my library. $6.00.

On Friday, Lauren arrived just in time to go the the White House with Matt and Gabe. We got to keep Charlotte for most of the day Saturday. The next few days were fun filled trying to keep up. Lauren and I shopped our legs off in downtown Culpeper. I found a beautiful Mary and Baby Jesus -- okay,
it's a Russian Icon of the Madonna, but it is beautiful with a gold shell gown. It is very special. Matt did ask me if he would now have to genuflect every time he came in the house. No, it is a beautiful work of art.

New Year's Eve -- we were all in bed by 11:00. Lauren said she was the last one up at her house also. New Year's Day -

we had our Christmas traditional breakfast for Lauren. Hmmmmmmmmmm more Sugar Lump Bread and Gabe made the breakfast casserole. We polished off the ham and bean soup that night. Then...........

Lauren finishing a puzzle lickety split.

Two Crowley Sisters Snuggling at Grammy's House

Just wanted to show you Lauren's long legs. Yes, she is taller than her Grammy now.

On Friday Gabe made her absolutely fabuloso everything from scratch lasagne. We were in Heaven. Later the Utes killed Alabama and I thought Matt was going to pass out with excitement. It was an awesome game. Go Utes! I vote #1. But come on let's not sue the BCS. What a fun week. Lauren left Sat morning for Utah. We are sad and lonesome without her, but what a treat to have her.

I hope to add pics to go along with the events. Who knows..........I am way behind.