Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Clocks

My mom and dad were the BEST ever!  Boyd and Donna Neider.   I can't say enough wonderful things about them.  They worked hard everyday for their six kids.  They wanted to make sure we had everything we needed to be happy and successful people.  They loved us unconditionally and we knew it.                                                                             

We were lucky and blessed to have such dedicated parents. One day not too long after Rich and I were married I stopped by Mom and Dad's for a visit.   They  were deep in discussion about the clock below.  At that time the clock was on a shelf near the kitchen. It is a beautiful clock that previously was in my grandparents (Bee and Leona Neider's home).  And before that the clock was in the home where Grandpa Bee grew up.  At some point his parents, John and Lillian Neider  gave the clock to him and he passed it along to Mom and Dad. 

Originally Grandpa wanted the clock passed down to the oldest son as he had done, but at some point changed his mind and said he now thought the clock should be given to the brother just younger than I.  They continued talking about the clock and what to do about the new situation.  Of course I asked, "Well, what about me?  I'm next in line after all".  After telling me my name was no longer Neider and that made my unqualified to receive the clock, they ask my opinion. They were quite astonished at my thinking that I would be in any kind of line.  Oh well.  I told them they should just wait until Grandma and Grandpa died and then give the clock to the first son.  They said that was no longer possible because Grandpa had spoken to son #2 about the clock.  Well, Mike did go to Grandma and Grandpa's 50th wedding anniversary party in California.  That's probably where the conversation took place.  


Well, I could tell my mom and dad felt very concerned about the turn of events with the clock, but before long the legacy clock was given to son #2, Mike.  Then unbeknownst to all of us, Mom and Dad  had been searching all over the West for similar clocks.  They purchased clocks from Idaho to California and yes, we now all have a kitchen clock of our own.  

Here is the beautiful clock Kenny and Margo have in their home in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

This is the clock in our home in Virginia -- even if my last name is no longer Neider.  Mom and Dad saw to it that this Crowley girl got a clock.  It's beautiful and I love it.  They drove it all the way to the East.

This is the clock in Mark and Renee's home in Pocatello, Idaho.

This clock was given to Julie.  Julie died in 2000 and the clock has hung in her kitchen area in Murray, Utah until her husband, Jack died in June of 2015.  I was in Utah for Jack's funeral and to help clean out some of the items in the house.  Here sat this beautiful clock.  None of the boys wanted the clock, so I brought it home.  The youngest two boys, Ross and Lewis may reconsider and I will have it for them if they ever want it.

This clock is in Darryl and Anna Marie's home in Granite, Utah.  He's the baby of the family.

The clocks are all unique, but similar.  They are a testament of love that our parents felt for all of their children and a legacy we will be able to pass down to our children.

However, this entire episode sparked my thinking.  Really are the brothers going to inherit all of the family heirlooms because their last name is Neider.  Of course I protested that idea many times.  Thinking:  we will see about that.

Many years later I had the opportunity to help my dad pack up the home for a move.  Mom and Dad had sold their home and their new home wasn't ready for a few months.  As I was packing everything for storage, I came on to this picture.  This isn't the framed copy I have.  The one I have is in an oval frame from the 1940s.  Mother called this her wedding picture, but it was really her senior prom picture.  This is just the most beautiful picture to me ever.

This was lots of years later than the clock incident by the way.   On the back of the framed picture had been written.  "This belongs to Mark Neider.

I said, "What's this, Dad?  It says this picture belongs to Mark."  Dad said something about taking it up with mom as he knew nothing about it so I called her immediately.  She was in St George, Utah recovering from surgery and couldn't help with the packing.  She told me Mark wanted the picture.  Really!  She had promised he picture to me.  So in my mind that meant she wanted him to have the picture.  I called him right up.  He still lived in Pocatello near Mom and Dad.  When I asked him about his desire for the picture, he asked me what picture?  Um Huh!  When I described it he said for me to take it.  It was fine with him.  I thanked him.  He is such a good brother giving the picture to his sister.  I took the picture straight to my suitcase.

I told him later it would always be his since his name was on the back and if he wanted to see it, he could come to the East where it would be hanging in my living room. Yes, I'm a stinker, but come on.  That picture had been promised to me by my mother who then forgot about the promise.  I noticed the next time I visited Mark's home he had two of the prized oval framed pictures.  Well, that's okay.  They were not promised to me.  True to form my mom made sure all of her children and grandchildren who wanted copies of this picture have a copy.
Come see your picture Mark!  I'm lonesome for you and Renee.

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