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Yes, we rolled into the end of 2014

I'm so far behind -- okay two years behind, but had several posts unpublished.  So here are a couple of posts I'm adding the pictures to to get them into my journal.  Here's the end of 2014.  Please try to do better, Andrea.

We came home from the West after laying Mom to rest pretty tired and ready to catch up with everything going on in Virginia.    Here's what kept us pretty  busy!  Mostly our adorable grandkids.  They are just wonderfully amazing.

We had a fun date with Audrey before she started 1st grade.  We took her shopping and to I-Hop.  She really wanted ice cream for dessert, but needed a blanket from the car to be warm enough to eat that cold dessert!  She's adorable.  (now in 3rd grade)

               Wrapped up in a blanket with her Grandpa feeding her the very cold ice cream.

More tire swing

     The kids have a blast in the tire swing in the back yard.  Some of these pics are from June and some from the fall.



                                                  Nathan and Uncle Jeremy



                                     Grandpa Rich, Charlotte, Emery, Nathan and Jeremy

                                                               Emery, our CA girl
         These kids have such a fun time on the swing.  It's been great to enjoy!

Rich took this adorable picture of Andrew and Melanie's girls at Yowell Meadow Park.  They are just the cutest.  Jocelyn, Audrey and Harper.

Next we celebrated niece Jordan's wedding weekend with the Crowley Family.  This is Rich's brother, Ken with his wife Tricia and three daughters, Kara, Jordan and Shannon.  They got the girls and we got the boys.

We had a great family reunion at the wedding.  It was near Gettysburg and we were there for the weekend.
Standing:  Terry and Annette Berger (Rich's sister and our bro in law) Doug, (Rich's brother) Ken and Tricia
Seated:  Rich Andrea (me) Matthew,  our son, and Shane (Annette's son)

Fun visit from Mark and Renee
     My brother, Mark and his darling wife, Renee came to DC from Pocatello, Idaho for meetings and then stayed on with us for the next week.  We all wanted to go into permanent  fun and retirement.  We had such a great adventure visiting  important Civil War sites, laughing, and catching up on everything since our last visit.  Did I say we kept laughing our heads off.

 This is in Fredericksburg, VA and shows what is left of the stone where slaves were sold.  A very sobering and sad commentary of our country.  Now, it's really hard to believe the atrocities that happened during our history.

Celebrated Halloween
                                       Charlotte and Nathan

Celebrated Andrew's birthday - come on Andrew -- this is a celebration.
 Melanie made a delicious cake and we did celebrate Andrew.  Fun times.  That's Matthew in the hat, brother Mark and Melanie with her back to the picture.  Nathan, Charlotte and Audrey.

Mark and Renee flew home to Idaho a few days later and left us lonesome as could be.  We visited many Civil War sites as Mark is a Civil War expert.  He didn't have to look up any other the history and told us exactly what had happened everywhere we visited.  We were at Chancellorville, the Sunken Road, Graffiti House, Cedar Run Battle site, and more.

Thanksgiving - Very sad and lonely day
            The table was set, the turkey in the oven, the stuffing was curing, the pies were made and we were reading.  We always have Thanksgiving with the Maryland Crowleys (Rich's brother's family).  It was our turn to host and we were excited.  We always have a Crowley Family Amazing Race and it's so fun!!!  It was ready to go.   THEN... Nathan started throwing up.  Oh no!  We had five more little children coming to the feast.  So yes, we had to cancel.
     Andrew and family went to the lake to be with the rest of the Maryland Crowleys.  Rich, Matthew, Charlotte, sick little Nathan (bless his little heart) and I had our own very quiet feast without the rest of the family.  Shoot.  Plans are made to be changed -- right.  Andrew dropped off some rolls on the way to the lake and he really needed some of his mamma's stuffing so we traded.  It was a quiet celebration, but we still had a great day.

We made it to California after Thanksgiving to spend a couple of weeks with Jeremy, Shelly and family.  We don't get to see our California kids enough.  We celebrated Tanner's birthday, the kids all made gingerbread houses, and we got to see many basketball games.  Those Crowley boys are great little athletes.  We had a fun Christmas celebration with the Fresno family and exchanged Christmas gifts.  The kids were so cute and very excited.  I have very few

                         Here's Chase with his gingerbread house.  He loved this activity!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                       Emery's gingerbread house
 We got to attend a fun concert with Emery.  Her class was singing on the Christmas program.  We got to meet her teacher too.

 Grandpa Rich reading to Chase.  They are the best buddies. Chase and Emery also love to listen to Grandpa Crowley's stories on the recorder as they go to sleep.  (The Magic Bunks)

An added bonus in Fresno was getting to meet a Neider cousin.  Our grandfathers are brothers who grew up in  Pocatello, Idaho, my home town.   This is Janeil and I think we look like we could be related.  I need to enjoy getting to know her better.  Her mother, Joy Neider is my dad's cousin, but just a few years old than I am.  I loved getting to meet her.

Okay, that's it for 2014.  Now if I can just get all of the 2015 posts in I will be happy and feel like I have accomplished something great.  Stay tuned.  I hope.

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